IMM 2 PST with email items with IMM2PST tool

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Incredimail is fun to use, but when it comes to professional work it lacks the flair. For official work most users prefer using MS Outlook and with its latest edition Outlook 2013 out in the market its popularity has reached sky high. Almost daily we face with queries related to transferring Incredimail emails in MS Outlook. Users want to know how they can get Incredimail Email Backup in Outlook when they switch their email client.

No in-built tool to convert IMM2PST; it’s true that Incredimail does not allows to convert IMM 2 PST format, which bring us to the problem how to convert Incredimail messages in PST format? Well the apt solution for this will be to use a third-party utility, this tools are popular for their ability to do hours work in seconds.

MailMigra for Incredimail will be correct application if you wish for IMM2PST conversion. With all attachments, metadata and formatting this program will convert IMM to MS Outlook in seconds. Just download its DEMO edition to see how exactly it works. We offer demo for free and it let you move 10 emails from IMM into PST format.

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  • Converts messages with attachment of all format, metadata details – to, cc, subject, etc and formatting of messages
  • It fulfills your need for batch conversion, so that you can transfer multiple IMM files together in MS Outlook
  • Works in any Windows system and conversion can be done into any MS Outlook edition
  • Easily understandable, has one of the simple to use procedure and works very speedily
  • Conversion IMM EML is also possible with this program, so you can also choose conversion option


I have changed have already created an account Outlook and uninstall Incredimail from my system. I have the backup IMM files. Will this converts IMM 2 PST even without Incredimail?

Yes, it will work. You only need IMM files, without installation of Incredimail you can use MailMigra for Incredimail.

Can I take Incredimail Email Backup in PST and EML both? Will I have to pay extra for doing both conversions?

Yes, you can perform both PST and EML conversions with same program, but separately. First you can perform PST conversion, the EML or vice versa.

No, there are no extra charges for using both facilities

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